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Systematic garage door spring replacement in Indian Trail, NC

Did you know that a typical garage door weighs between 130 and 400 pounds? In addition, opening and closing even the most lightweight garage door takes a fair bit of force.

Garage door springs counterbalance the weight of your heavy garage door and help you in all of the heavy liftings. Every time you open and close your garage door, its entire weight is shifted onto the garage door spring system. Thus, when the garage door spring breaks, using the garage door becomes risky. 

Indian Trail Garage Doors will help you with garage door spring replacement. A garage door spring replacement is one of the most common repairs required for the smooth working of the garage door. 

Since there are different spring setups, a broken garage door spring must be replaced correctly.  This is where our trained professional will ensure your orderly replacement of the garage door spring. It will allow the garage door to open and close quickly.

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Different types of garage door springs

The garage door springs vary from door to door. The spring of a residential garage door will be different from the spring of a commercial garage door. However, there are mainly two types of garage door springs:

Extension garage door springs

Extension garage door springs are the ones that are mounted on both sides of the garage door alongside the track. Typically, an extension garage door spring lasts 15,000 cycles.

Replacement of the extension springs is required when it snaps. However, when extension springs get older, they lose their tension and become elongated.

One-piece garage doors use extension springs to lift the garage door. These garage doors need at latest one or two extension springs on each side. 

Torsion garage door springs

Torsion garage door springs are used in roll-up garage doors to lift the weight of the garage door. They can be used in both, manual and automatic openers to get the door open. The springs last about seven to ten years but depending on how frequently you use the garage door every day.

It’s never possible that any of the garage door spring lasts forever. When any of the spring damages, replacement is mandatory. At Indian Trail Garage Doors, we offer speedy garage door spring replacement services. To avail professional assistance for garage door spring replacement, call 704-772-4225.

How do garage door spring works?

Normally, garage door spring works with the help of pulleys, cable, and springs. The cable transfers the energy of the springs to lift the weight of the door. The pulleys reduce the effort required to lift the garage doors and control the direction of the force exerted.

However, the working of extension garage door springs and torsion garage door springs is a bit different. But with either type of garage door spring, hundreds or thousands of opening and closing cycles of the garage door will cause the metal in the springs to lose its resiliency. This will gradually approach a condition where the garage door springs will need to be replaced.

Garage door spring replacement will require a professional because doing it yourself will be a risky task. At Indian Trail Garage Doors, we put your safety first. Our team of dedicated technicians will replace the damaged garage door springs in no time. Schedule an appointment today- call 704-772-4225.

garage door spring replacement indian trail nc

Signs of failing garage door springs

Since everything has a lifespan, the same thing goes for garage door springs. A garage door spring that is too old puts an enormous load on a garage door opener. At this time, the garage door may face difficulty while opening and closing. 

Thus, you need to consider replacing the garage door springs. Aging garage door springs can also break suddenly where you can face a situation that can cause the door to shut violently.

Further, if you are present when a garage door spring breaks, you will hear a loud sound like a gunshot. The reason being, when a garage door spring breaks, it is fully loaded with tension. An automated garage door opener will not even work when the garage door spring breaks.

When the garage door springs break, you can feel that the door is not functioning as it used to. Moreover, it may not open or close entirely. You need to realize that it’s time to change your garage door springs.

It is recommended that you get your garage door springs replaced by a trained technician only. It will be risky to do the repairs yourself. 

Indian Trail Garage Doors is a top-notch company offering garage door spring replacement service. Our professionals are trained and have years of experience in replacing the garage door springs. This is what makes us different. So, make sure you call Indian Trail Garage Doors to replace your broken garage door springs. Call today at 704-772-4225.

Garage door spring replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my garage door even if the spring is broken?

No, using a garage door with a broken spring can put you at risk. If you frequently use it after knowing about the broken garage door spring, the garage door may shut down abruptly. It may hurt you and can damage the garage door.

Indian Trail Garage Doors understands the importance of your safety, which is why our professionals do the replacement of your garage door spring with accuracy.

What is the lifespan of the garage door springs?

The life span of the garage door springs depends on two factors:

  • First: The type of spring - Extension garage door spring or Torsion garage door spring.
  • Second: How frequently you open and close your garage door in a day.

Both of these factors play a significant role in deciding the life span of your garage door spring. Call 704-772-4225 if your garage door spring needs to be replaced.

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