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Is your garage door working inefficiently because of the garage door rollers? If yes, then it may pose a risk to you and whoever uses it. Garage door rollers are also one of the important components of the garage door system.

At Indian Trail Garage Doors, our trained technicians have the required expertise to replace the noisy garage door rollers of your garage door system. We are leading experts in garage door roller replacement in Indian Trail, NC.

Our team of professionals makes certain that they finish the project as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of our service. We are committed to providing our customers with a pleasant experience by delivering constant superior workmanship. We always try to incorporate exceptional teamwork ethics, high moral standards, and friendly, professional customer service.

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If your garage door is coming off the track, sliding roughly up and down, or making noise, it may be time for a garage door roller replacement.

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Why do garage door rollers break?

Garage door rollers are situated on the tracks facing each other. They roll upward when the garage door opens and down when it closes. With the help of garage door rollers, the opening and closing of the garage door become easy and smooth.

When the garage door rollers break or get damaged, it acts as a hindrance to the functioning of the garage door. There are different garage door rollers - Plastic garage door rollers, Nylon garage door rollers, and steel garage door rollers. All of them have a different life span and can break due to many reasons.

Plastic garage door rollers

Plastic garage door rollers need to be replaced frequently. The reason is they are more exposed to the elements and need to be lubricated frequently. Even after taking preventive measures, plastic garage door rollers can quickly dry out because of cold weather. 

Steel garage door rollers and Nylon garage door rollers

Steel garage door rollers and Nylon garage door rollers can last longer than plastic garage door rollers. Moreover, they can last for a long time if given proper attention. But both of them has housings that has ball bearings. Due to this, the housing expands and contracts contract over time. This can cause the housing to lose its bearings.

Indian Trail Garage Doors will help you with garage door rollers replacement. Be it any garage door roller. We are proficient in replacing all kinds of garage door rollers. Call us today at 704-772-4225.

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Importance of replacing the damaged garage door rollers

Since garage door rollers are essential for the smooth working of the garage door. It is crucial to replace them when they get damaged. When the garage door rollers start to loosen, wear or bend, they can produce noisy sounds, and the garage door may face difficulty while opening or closing.

When you continue to use the defective garage door rollers, it not only affects them but can also put more strain on the whole garage door system, ultimately decreasing its lifespan.

A broken garage door roller needs to be replaced as soon as possible due to the following reasons:

Damaged garage door rollers jam the garage door

If the broken garage door rollers are not replaced on time, they can jam the garage door. The garage door may either not function properly or may not move at all.

Difficulty in the entry of the vehicle

When the garage door works inefficiently due to ill garage door rollers, the movement of vehicles become complicated and sometimes impossible.

Exposing your home 

The garage door rollers affect the whole garage door. Further, an open garage door may expose your home to thieves, animals, and bad weather.

Thus, if your garage door rollers are not working correctly, it can harm the whole garage door system. This makes the garage door rollers replacement inevitable. 

Indian Trail Garage Doors suggests replacing the worn-out garage door rollers promptly to avoid any further damage to the garage door system. To schedule an appointment for professional garage door replacement, call 704-772-4225 

Garage door roller replacement in Indian Trail, NC

Indian Trail Garage Doors will be at the top of your search while you Google for “best garage door replacement in Indian Trail, NC.” That’s because our experts have helped several Indian Trail, NC residents. They handle garage door roller replacement with their knowledge and competency. 

Additionally, they go through continuous training, allowing them to upgrade their skills and do their tasks effectively. And believe us, we conduct garage door roller replacement is an inexpensive way to let you maintain your garage doors easily.

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Garage door roller replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a garage door roller inspection?

Garage door rollers are essential for operating the garage door. A garage door roller inspection can help you spot the signs of defective rollers before you face a large repair bill.

To book a garage door roller inspection, call Indian Trail Garage Doors at 704-772-4225.

What is the lifespan of garage door rollers?

The lifespan of garage door rollers depends upon the material of the roller. It can either be made of plastic, steel, or nylon. The lifespan varies from roller to roller.

How do I know if my garage door rollers need to be replaced?

Your garage door rollers can be damaged if you observe the following things:

  • The garage door is unsmooth while opening or closing
  • It is making an excessively loud sound 
  • Incomplete opening or closing of the garage door

If your garage door faces such a situation, there can be a need of replacing the garage door rollers. Call Indian Trail Garage Doors at 704-772-4225 for professional support.

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