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There are different reasons why a person may need a garage door service provider’s help. The garage door system is composed of various parts. It can lead to the jamming of the garage door, or with use, the garage door can get damaged. 

However, is replacing a single part of the system will solve your garage door problems? It probably depends on the extent of the damage.

The most common problem with garage doors is on the exterior - the garage door panels. 

What are garage door panels?

Garage door panels are the garage door section that you see from outside when it is closed. When the garage door is open, it is present on the upper part of the garage door.

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What causes damage to the garage door panels?

If a panel of your garage door is in damaged condition what could be the possible solution?

If it is repairable, go for it, but garage door replacement is preferable most of the time. Usually, the bottom garage door panel gets damaged easily due to frequent uses. Thus, sometimes only garage door bottom panel placement works the best.

There can be several causes of the damage to the garage door panel. Normal wear and tear are the typical reasons. It can produce minor blemishes on any section of the garage door panel. 

There could be minor scratches, patches, dents, rust patches, or cracks. If you see these damages increasing or affecting the functioning of the garage door, consult with a professional.

A trained technician will let you assess the damages on the garage door panel and see whether one panel is affected or more. If only one panel is damaged, it may be possible to repair your garage door panel with paint, wood filler, paint, or a strut.

The garage door panel can also get damaged if the garage door gets struck by the car. It can also be due to some natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane. 

In addition to this, if someone uses the automatic door opener when the door is locked, that can also damage the garage door panel. You can face difficulty closing the garage door after you open it, which means your garage door panels require repair or replacement.

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garage door panel replacement indian trail nc

How to decide about repairing or replacing the damaged garage door panel?

Replacing the garage door panel may seem costly to you. But every time, getting things repaired is not an option. When the damage is more where repairing is not possible, garage door panel replacement will be a perfect solution.

While deciding to get the garage door panel replaced, you may consider the following points in your mind:


The extent of damage to the garage door panel

If the damage caused to the garage door panel affects the functioning of the garage door system, replacement seems the best option. However, for deciding between repair and replacement even for a single panel, the damages need to be analyzed thoroughly.
If the damage is extensive, it may require changing the whole garage door. Advice from an expert is required to analyze the garage door panel damages. For that, Indian Trail Garage Door professionals are the best.


The availability of the garage door panels that need to be replaced

If you are replacing the garage door panel, you should check that the replacement panels or sections are available for your garage door model.
If you have a newer garage door, there shouldn’t be any problem with procuring a similar panel. But if your garage door is way long old, you might find difficulty in getting a similar panel.
Moreover, if your garage door is customized, it might be a problem to get the same panel for the garage door.


The number of panels that are damaged

The number of the garage door panels that are damaged can help you decide whether to go for replacement or not. For a garage door panel replacement to make sense financially, it will normally involve only one panel and two at the very most. More than that, may approach the cost of a new garage door.


The age of your garage door

The typical life expectancy of a garage door is 20-25 years. If yours is only, say, eight years old, you may think about simply repairing the broken garage door panel. Thus, if your garage door needs to be replaced after many years, replacing the garage door panel can be a suitable choice.


The condition of other panels

If only one or two panels are damaged, and the remaining are in pretty good condition, replacing the damaged one is a preferable option. It will increase the life of the garage door and is better than replacing the whole garage door.


The color of the panels

If you get replacement garage door panels of a similar colour, replacement is possible. However, even if you don’t get the exact color, you can go to paint the whole garage door.
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Garage door Panel replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace only the damaged garage door panel section of my door?

Yes, you can get only the damaged section of your garage door panel replaced. To get professional help, call 704-772-4225.

How long will a single garage door panel replacement take?

A single garage door panel replacement won’t take much time. It will take around 4 to 5 hours or even less. For speedy garage door panel replacement, call Indian Trail Garage Doors at 704-772-4225.

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