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A garage door opener is an important part of the garage door assembly. As the name suggests, a garage door is useful for opening and closing the garage door. 

However, the garage door openers are prone to have various problems depending on the maintenance and the quality of the garage door opener. Even a minor issue can trouble you and become a nuisance in your daily schedule.

Indian Trail Garage Doors can fix almost any broken or damaged garage door opener, regardless of where you bought it. Our technicians who repair garage door openers are professionals. They have the knowledge and expertise to repair the garage door opener correctly and safely.

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While a garage door has many subparts, it depends on a fully working garage door opener. If your garage door isn’t working the way it used to work, there’s a possibility that the garage door opener is broken. Indian Trail Garage Doors offers expert garage door opener repair in Indian Trail, NC, and surrounding areas.

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What to do for successful garage door opener repair?

The necessity of having a functioning garage door cannot be stressed enough. We open and close the garage door of our house multiple times. It provides safety and security to our homes. 

But, we often take the operation of the garage doors for granted. The maintenance and regular servicing are overlooked, which in the future leads to extensive damage.

Equally, when the garage door opener gets damaged, you search for various troubleshooting methods. Now, there are two different ways to approach the process of repairing the damaged garage door opener. 

The first one is where you try to repair the garage door opener on your own, and you are left with more problems. If you don’t have the expertise or don’t even know about the functioning process of the garage door opener, never repair it on your own.

Thus, the second option to getting your garage door opener repaired successfully is calling professionals. Trained experts will be able to service the garage door opener without putting anyone in danger. 

Indian Trail Garage Doors is always ready to fix your garage door opener problems.  We are available 24/7, so you can always count on us for speedy garage door opener repairs. 

We offer a same-day garage door opener service and keep a wide selection of garage door parts, and accessories.

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garage door opener repair indian trail nc

Conditions that tell that your garage door opener is broken and needs repair

While Indian Trail Garage Doors is a renowned garage door opener repair service provider in Indian Trail, NC, we first make sure what the problem is. 

We don’t simply just go ahead and replace your garage door opener without identifying if the problem. Our professionals ensure that we do things that are actually needed. We first analyze the problem with your garage door opener and decide whether to repair or replace it.

The following can be the conditions due to which your garage door opener needs to be repaired:

The remote of the garage door opener doesn’t work

Nowadays, garage door openers are controlled mainly by a remote. Due to advancements in technology, remote controllers are becoming smaller in size and more convenient.

The remotes work on batteries. This can be the reason for the poor functioning of the garage door because sooner or later, batteries will run out of power. And, this is one of the leading causes of malfunctioning doors. Thus, check the batteries of the remote if your garage door opener is not opening.

The wall switch of the garage door opener doesn’t work

Similarly, damaged outlets can also cause issues with garage doors. For that reason, whenever you have a problem with the garage door opener, check the wall switch first. 

Often, the cable sometimes falls out and can cause hindrance in the working of the garage door opener.

The garage door closes halfway and then comes up

The garage door may close halfway and come up again. This issue can be because of the sensors of the garage door opener. The garage door opener sensors are the ones that make the garage door opener cancel the close signal if there is any obstacle on its way. This might happen the other way around too.

The garage door doesn’t open at all

This issue may not always be because of the garage door opener. The garage door works with a combination of parts. Damage to the garage door opener, along with any other component, will not allow the door to open at all. 

At Indian Trail Garage Doors, we will answer your questions over the phone and will work to fix your problem. Call us at 704-772-4225.

Garage door opener repair and maintenance - Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what is the cause of the issue with my garage door opener?

Garage door systems are often complex. Due to this, it may be difficult to recognize the issue with the garage door opener. 

But, when you will start checking the springs, rollers, and tracks, you will identify the prime issue. If not, call Indian Trail Garage Doors at 704-772-4225. Our technicians will come and let you know about the issue.

Do all garage door opener systems have the same issues?

No, not all garage door openers face the same problem. The problem of the garage door openers differs because of the difference in the type of garage door opener. For example, a belt drive opener and an AC drive opener will not have the same issue since both are built differently.

If you are having a problem because of the garage door opener, call Indian Trail Garage Doors at 704-772-4225. 

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