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A smooth and functional garage door requires the right garage door installation. Indian Trail Garage Doors offers garage door installation services in Indian Trail, NC that stands out.

What is garage door installation?

Garage door installation is to either replace the existing garage door or place a new garage door to your brand-new garage system.

There are mainly the following two reasons for you to choose garage door installation:

  1. Replacing the broken garage door
  2. Enhance the look of your house with a new garage door

At Indian Trail Garage Doors, we help you throughout the process of garage door installation. From deciding about a new garage door to installing your new garage door, ensuring your satisfaction. 

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Our unparalleled experience will full proof that you get a garage door installation of the highest possible standard. In fact, the one that lasts for many years to come. We can meet any requirements when it comes to replacing garage door or garage door installation services. Call us at 704-772-4225 and ask us for more details and further information.

What is the general procedure our Indian Trail Garage Doors company follows for garage door installation?

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When to replace the garage door?

We know it's not always clear when to replace or when to repair the garage door. To make a decision, choosing between the two may prove fatal. However, replacing the garage door becomes an appropriate option when it's too old. Further, the garage door is the main part of the garage system, so it needs to be replaced if it is damaged.

If you have any of the below-mentioned concerns about the state of your garage door, please call a professional at 704-772-4225:

  1. The garage door reverses direction
  2. It opens slowly
  3. The garage door closes or opens by itself
  4. If there's a track misalignment
  5. The garage door makes strange noises
  6. It is damaged in some way
garage door installation indian trail nc

The new garage door installation process

Professionals at Indian Trail Garage Doors are trained and have years of experience in garage door installation. They follow the same process for the structure of the garage door. The installation process can typically be completed in a day or few hours.

Let's talk about the process that our experts follow for garage door installation:


Releasing the tension

Our professional releases the tension in the torsion spring before they begin to work on the garage door. They use the steel rods to loosen the spring.


Disconnecting the existing opener and door

After the tension has been released, the existing garage door opener is disconnected from the door. They start with the top panel and remove the hinges. The track is removed by unscrewing it from the garage doorframe.


Installing the door panels

After detaching everything, the new garage door is installed. Hinges are attached to the top of the garage door panel, and axle supports to the bottom of the panel. All the panels are kept in place.


Securing the hinges and installing the track

From inside, the garage door is secured by inserting hinges in the panel, and wheeled axles are placed into the side hinges. Further, the garage door track is installed by attaching brackets to the vertical track pieces. Then, the spring assembly is attached to the track


Installing the garage door

The springs, torsion rod, and pulleys are attached to the panel and track. Similarly, the garage door cable is connected, and the springs are tightened. Everything is checked, and the door is installed.

Never do a garage door installation on your own

Your garage door is a large part of your house. It adds security and functionality for years of long-lasting performance. This is why garage door installation requires experience as well as expertise. 

Moreover, most garage doors are heavy, and installation of such a door alone can pose many safety risks. So, it becomes difficult to handle things alone, especially if you don't have the right tools and experience to replace the garage door or install a new one. 

To minimize the chances of accidents, you should hire or call a professional like us. May a call and we will handle all your requirements- 704-772-4225

Hiring a professional for garage door installation

Professionals like our team members have the required expertise to replace and install a new garage door. Garage doors have huge weight and contain heavy-duty components such as cables and high-tension springs. The installation mechanism can be quite sophisticated.

The good news is that Indian Trail Garage Doors has everything that you're looking for. We can deliver what you need and want. 

We are a full-service garage door company serving residential and commercial customers. It all begins with the garage door: the appointment, measurement, selection, installation, takedown, and disposal of your old garage door.

Our goal is to earn your trust and create a lifelong relationship together, one that you will be satisfied with, one that you will refer to family and friends. To experience our quality and customer excellence that is part of our value proposition, call us at 704-772-4225.

Garage door installation - Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my garage door installation cost?

Since your garage door can be customized, the pricing for the garage door can vary. At Indian Trail Garage Doors, we give you options to select from different garage doors and styles. To know about the installation cost, give us a call at 704-772-4225. We will be happy to help you.

Should I repair or replace the garage door?

The repairing or replacement of the garage door depends on its condition. Our professionals will come and see the garage door. They will analyze the garage door and will give you recommendations accordingly.

How long does it take to install a new garage door?

The timing of the installation of the garage door depends upon many factors - the size of the garage door, the availability of the garage door, and the weather conditions. Usually, it takes three to four hours, but it may vary. For garage door installation services, call Indian Trail Garage Doors at 704-772-4225.

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