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Indian Trail Garage Doors offers a wide range of high-quality Garage Door Services in Indian Trail, NC, and surrounding areas. With over a decade of combined experience and expertise, we are getting bigger and bigger.

Over time, we have built a prominent reputation by satisfying our customers through our exclusive garage door services. We are committed to delivering quality service and support that will help to ensure your garage door is reliable and safe.

It’s no surprise that we are trusted by homeowners, business owners, and property managers. Our team of customer-centric and results-oriented experts is always available to offer you industry-leading service.

Indian Trail Garage Door is full of professionals who know exactly how to install your garage door correctly the first time. We also do commercial and industrial garage door installations and repairs. 

If your garage door is not opening or closing properly, it could be for many reasons, such as the roller is not working correctly, or the spring is not working correctly. We will gladly look over your garage door, and figure out exactly what the cause is and quote you the most affordable price. This is because we care about your home.

Our Ethics

Our customers are always first

For Indian Trail Garage Doors, Customers are always first. It is all because of you that we are growing every day. We listen to all your problems and provide the right solutions. Your satisfaction is our motive and motivation. We assure to provide the best garage door services.

No compromise with professionalism

Our team consists of professionals who are skilled and experienced. Moreover, each of them is trained continuously to keep them updated with the latest tools and assure high-quality service.

Cost-effective Garage door service

Along with quality service, we provide all garage door services at an affordable price. We don’t ask you to pay more by charging you for unnecessary requirements. Since we are committed to providing you with a great customer experience, an affordable price is a part of it.

Put the best while providing the garage door services

At Indian Trail Garage Doors, we have industry-best experts. Everyone is trained regularly to provide you with high-class service. We work rigorously to provide you with the best!

We keep transparency in our work

If we are replacing any part of your garage door, we keep everything transparent. We share everything with you, from the tools we are using to the springs, rollers, or the track. We let you know what we are doing from the beginning to the end. We also remain transparent even when it comes to pricing.

Check Out Our Services

Garage Door Installation

Are you building a new home or garage? Let Indian Trail Garage Doors technicians take care of your garage door installation needs. We provide you with numerous garage door installation options. Our services are professional, and our installers are reliable.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Whether you need extra garage door openers or new garage door openers, Indian Trail Garage Doors has you covered. We analyze your old opener, and if found damaged, we replace it with a new one.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are an important part of the garage door system. If they get damaged, call our team of professionals for speedy repairs at an affordable price.

Garage Door Track Replacement

Has your garage door come off the track? If so, Indian Trail Garage Doors Track Replacement services can help you eliminate this problem. We provide service for all garage door tracks.

Garage Door Rollers Replacement

Located along both sides of the garage door, rollers help in the easy functioning of a garage door. If the garage door's performance is hindered due to broken rollers, call our team for garage door rollers replacement service.

Garage Door Cables Repair and Replacement

Indian Trail Garage Doors will be a perfect fit for you if you search for garage door cable repair and replacement service. We aim to provide you with garage door cable installation service with the utmost ease and safety.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

With everyday use of the garage door, the spring can get damaged. We assure you that the service we provide is only delivered with the help of quality craftsmanship that repairs springs at once and for a long time.

Garage Door Panels Replacement

If you see a broken garage door panel, call Indian Trail Garage Doors. We will replace it quickly to avoid any further damage to the garage door system.

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